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S B Watson

The everyman's compendium of crime.

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Published Works

Into the Rain

Short fiction, published 11/05/16 in The Machinery Magazine Literary Collection

A chance encounter with a mysterious war veteran forces a man to remember a painful choice he made years ago in the battlefields of Viet Nam. A choice that since shaped his life, and may still be shaping his future.

Read it online here!

Recent Articles

I'm a pretty nondescript person. I live with my wonderful wife and three children in a little, beige house with an overgrown backyard, have two pianos, and a cat that I tolerate and who tolerates me; I drink lots of coffee on the level of a connoisseur, read consistently from my library packed with books on everything from 1800s pulp literature to Thousand and One Arabian Nights to Ganshof's delightful monogram on medieval feudalism; I play bluegrass guitar, collect antique clocks on the side, dabble in amateur astronomy, play hardcore boardgames with my wife, and practice Historic European Martial Arts (specifically the Quarterstaff).

And, of course, I write. I've written my whole life, constantly working on the skill. It's hard. It dogs you in your sleep, and ruins your waking hours. But it's worth it... getting that 'thing' you see in your mind's eye, that emotion, out on paper.

Nothing quite like it.

SB Watson

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