The Yarns

I work on multiple projects simultaneously, and at any given moment will have a handful of stories in final editing, the throws of writing, and the early stages of research.​

I occasionally also give updates on the stories themselves on Twitter and Facebook, so connect with me on those platforms for more information.

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Published Works

Into the Rain

Short fiction, published 11/05/16 in The Machinery Magazine Literary Collection

A chance encounter with a mysterious war veteran forces a man to remember a painful choice he made years ago in the battlefields of Viet Nam. A choice that since shaped his life, and may still be shaping his future.

Read it online here!

In Progress

Last Leaves

Penny Winter and Douglas Demeglio struggle to discover the truth behind the suspicious death of a mutual friend. But what starts as an amateur investigation soon turns into clandestine warfare when revealing Stacie's killer to the world forces them to match violence with violence.​

Novel, currently undergoing submissions for publication.


A seemingly impossible murder locks down an airport terminal as the Port Police, observed by Federal Air Marshal Shadell Bittering, search for a brutal killer among the passengers.​

But before the killer can be found a hidden bomb is detonated at the airport with the enigmatic threat of more explosions if anyone leaves or enters the terminal.​

As the situation quickly escalates out of their control, Shadell Bittering realizes that the killer is not trapped in the terminal with them; they are trapped with him.​

Novel, in the research and pre-writing phase.