For a while now I’ve been coordinating with a local Oregon artist, Kevin Kohler, on designing a business card. After a month or so of design discussions and Mr. Kohler working my commission into his (understandably) busy schedule, it’s finished!

For those of you not familiar with Kohler’s work, there’s an excellent film on his art by Oregon Art Beat.

All said and done, here’s what we came up with!

Eventually it’ll turn into a business card. But for now it’s just a great piece of original art I’m planning on hanging in my library, and a digital wraith in my computer files.

Besides the obvious (I assume?) connection between the two Chessmen, Kohler and I designed another, more subliminal relationship between the two. Can you spot it?

S. B. Watson

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S. B. Watson lives and writes in evergreen Salem, Oregon. When he’s not practicing Historic European Martial Arts or playing Bluegrass music, you can find him deep in his library, surrounded by books, writing.

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